Periodontists are dentists who specialize in preventing, diagnosing and treating periodontal disease as well as placing dental implants. Another area of expertise that periodontists have is in treating oral inflammation. There are some expert periodontists practicing in the city of Here is an overview of some of procedures they offer.

Periodontal Training

A periodontist undergoes specialist training in all of the above areas, which includes an additional three years of schooling after dental school. Periodontists are knowledgeable about all of the current diagnostic and treatment techniques for periodontal disease and also have received training on how to perform cosmetic periodontal procedures. They may also treat more severe periodontal cases involving individuals with complex medical histories or severe gum disease.

Treatments Offered By Birmingham Periodontists

dental implant BirminghamPeriodontists offer a broad range of various treatment methods, including root planing and scaling (cleaning the root’s infected surface) or root surface debridement (removal of damage tissue). They are able to treat patients who have severe problems with their gums using various surgical procedures. Periodontists have also received specialist training in placing, maintaining and repairing dental implants.

Your First Visit To A Periodontist In Birmingham Alabama

During your initial visit to a periodontist, he or she will usually review your complete dental and medical histories. It is very important that your periodontist know about any medications that you are taking or if you are receiving treatment for any type of medical condition that could possibly affect your periodontal care, including pregnancy, diabetes or heart disease.

A Periodontic Exam

Your periodontist will examine your gums to see if any gum line recession is evident, see how your teeth fit together when you are biting, and check to see if you have any loose teeth. In addition, your periodontist will use a probe, which is a small measuring instrument, and place it between your gums and teeth to determine what the depth of these spaces are. These are referred to as periodontal pockets. They help your periodontist assess how healthy your gums are. X-rays might also be taken to check on the heath of the bone that is right below your gum line.

Should You Visit A Periodontist?

A general dentist can manage some periodontal needs that a patient might have. However, with an increasing number of Birmingham dental patients showing signs of having periodontal disease, combined with research suggesting there is a relationship between periodontal disease and some other types of aging chronic diseases, it may be necessary to have periodontal treatment that includes better understanding and greater level of expertise that only a trained specialist can provide. Patients with severe or moderate levels of periodontal disease or who have a complex case, are better off having their care managed by a partnership between their general dentist and a periodontist.

Video From A Birmingham Periodontist

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